Monday, January 10, 2011

I must Admit, I haven't done much crafting since christmas. I would love to get some scrapbooking done, but my printer is out of ink and ink costs about 50 bucks for my printer. We don't have an extra $50 laying around anywhere so it will have to wait. I suppose I could make some layouts and leave the spots for the pictures, but I like putting it all together and using colors from the pictures in my pages. Plus, I got the cricut Emboser kit from and I want to go buy some vellum and metal to try it on:) There are so many things I want to learn to do with my cricut! I just need some time to play with it, but I am so busy tho. I am very good as cutting cardstock with it, but I am discovering how much more I could do!

In other things, I am recovering nicely from surgery. Went back to work and everything. Not at work today due to snow, and its looking like a chance for another snow day tomorrow. One of the perks of teaching. I hope they cancel tomorrow, simply because I have a doctors appointment and The school I work at is about 20mins from my home and about 15min from the doctor's office. I would rather just have to go to the appointment in this snow.

Started classes again. A literary analysis class and a SPED course. urgh. only 4 terms left!

Thats about it. MY exciting life...not.

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