Friday, April 27, 2012

Half way and a little scare.

We are officially half way through!  Its crazy to think that tomorrow will mark 21 weeks down with only 19 weeks to go.  CRAZY!!!!

So of course I have a 20 week picture to share!

The belly is in full swing! haha.  well actully because I'm what people like to call fluffy its still not obvious when I am wearing certain clothes.  Basically Mr.Blake has just pushed all of mommy's fat up..haha!

Last week we had a little scare. I had been feeling little man move consistently and then all of a sudden I wasnt feeling anything. I didnt panic at first cause I read thats normal this early.  But after 2 days I was freakin out. Luckily my OB is amazing and saw us right away. Baby boy had moved up higher and my placenta was acting like a cushion to his movement.  He was perfectly fine! just being naughty!! hehe.  He moves alot more these days.  Its so awesome to feel him.  I *think I am starting to feel some definded kicks now instead of just general moving awesome!!

I'll leave you with a picture from our emergency ultrasound.  He has his hand up to his face and looks like he is sucking his thumb.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost half way

We hit 19 weeks tomorrow which is only 1 week away from the half way point and thats if he goes until 40 weeks.

I look more and more pregnant everyday and this morning the husband said you can deff tell now. Thanks babe! I think because I was fluffy pre pregnancy its hard to tell and I can tell people are thinking, "Is she pregnant or fat??" well trust me people I am still 40lbs lighter than what I was in feb 2011 when I was at my heaviest. This belly is baby.

The weight gain is something I am struggling with. I know I have put too much back on. Its hard though. With my PCOS to lose and maintain I have to be following a very strict low carb diet. Well I have no desire to eat like that pregnant. I do avoid all surgary drinks and I am really trying to avoid the sweets but carbs in general are my downfall. I just keep telling myself I will deff get back on track after he comes. I am planning on seeing a nutritionsit while still pregnant to talk about after. I want to make sure I eat healthy enough for breatfeeding but I also need to eat healthy for me too. So we shall see!

We had an appointment a few days ago at 18weeks 3 days. he was measuring closer to 19 weeks, which is fine by me! both my m0m and I have a gut feeling that he will be a big baby..oh lord!