Friday, April 27, 2012

Half way and a little scare.

We are officially half way through!  Its crazy to think that tomorrow will mark 21 weeks down with only 19 weeks to go.  CRAZY!!!!

So of course I have a 20 week picture to share!

The belly is in full swing! haha.  well actully because I'm what people like to call fluffy its still not obvious when I am wearing certain clothes.  Basically Mr.Blake has just pushed all of mommy's fat up..haha!

Last week we had a little scare. I had been feeling little man move consistently and then all of a sudden I wasnt feeling anything. I didnt panic at first cause I read thats normal this early.  But after 2 days I was freakin out. Luckily my OB is amazing and saw us right away. Baby boy had moved up higher and my placenta was acting like a cushion to his movement.  He was perfectly fine! just being naughty!! hehe.  He moves alot more these days.  Its so awesome to feel him.  I *think I am starting to feel some definded kicks now instead of just general moving awesome!!

I'll leave you with a picture from our emergency ultrasound.  He has his hand up to his face and looks like he is sucking his thumb.

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