Sunday, September 9, 2012


I havent been the best keeping up with this Blog the end of the pregnancy.  But I would like to Introduce...

Blake Gilpin Ring Born Sept 3rd at 8:55pm.  He weighed 9lbs 6oz and was 21inches long.

My water broke sunday evening after having spent all day saturday in the hospital because we thought my water had broken.  They tested 3 times on saturday and even though i was leakin a ton it was all negative.  We were sent home.  I was having contractions about 10 mins apart.  We did some walking on sunday and when I woke up from a nap there was a big gush.  Once at the hospital they gave me some time to start labor on my own with no luck.  After some pitocin and no contractions later we tried a pill to get things going.  It did more than the pitocin and I spent some time in the jacuzzi tub which was wonderful!  However, I still wasnt in active labor.  I was on the clock due to the risk of infection.  I was checked around 4pm and it was discovered that i had another bag of forewaters.  They broke that and WHOA labor kicked in.  All I have to say is Pitocin contractions SUCK!  I had zero time between contractions. My husband however was an amazing labor coach.  Without him I am sure i would have been a screamin maniac, but he just talked me through ever contraction and reminding me to breath.   I got an epidural and all I have to say is they are amazing.  It was a good thing I go one too because even though I was in active labor I still did not progress.  The decision was made to do a c-section.  The Doctor's exact words were, "This is a precious infertility baby and we do not want a sick baby.."  When the decison was made I was so relieved and happy that I was about to meet my son!! When they took him out it was discovered that he was at a weird angle and that along with his size he would have never come out on his own.  Husband stayed wiht baby and it was less than an hour and he was in my arms and feeding. 

Everything went very smoothly and recovery has been a little rough and its not like with a newborn I can just lounge around either. Breastfeeding is going well. I wont lie being a new mom is overwhelming at times but i know it gets easier and its so so worth it!

Last belly picture I took

 A couple favorites from his newborn shoot

 And a couple from home

I look forward to watching him grow!  I just can't believe he is here!