Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's start over...

My name is Katy
I married my husband(brian) june 26, 2007, I was 18.
My husband spent our first year marrie din Iraq. We had plans to make the marine corps a career and raise a family.
Then he got hurt, and we moved back to Iowa.
So here we are 23, and 21 trying to figure out our lives.
My husband was laid-off in novermber, it sucks.
I work full time for the local school district as an associate, I am learning Braille.
I go to college Full-time at BVU. I will grad dec' 2011
I want to teach
I also work part-time for Harrahs casino as a cashier its a lil fun mixed with some extra money.
We were trying to get pregnant before husband lost his job..I have pcos, which just sucks.
I am working on weight is day 1, or course.
I ahve 2 dogs that i love.
so to recap, my name is katy Ring I am married to Brain Ring, a former marine. I work 2 jobs, one fulltime and one part time. I got to school full time i want to be a teacher.