Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I hope i Ovulate.

Oh what a great topic of a blog! I hope i ovulate. wow. I don't know if i ever thought i would be saying that. I know i never thought i would be typing it on a blog for all to see, but i'm open like that. Well its cycle day 13.. no O in sight. We shall see, its still early. To get everyone caught up, i'm trying to concieve. I took soy tablets for 5 days early in my cycle to hopefuly jump start oing.. also on metformin.but lets shake the technical crap.

I think i'm going to have fun doing this. Husband and I don't have sex like you would think newly married 21 and 23 year olds would. noo.. but now thats to ttcing we make the baby dance happen more and more.. and i am not complaining one bit.. especially ince my husband is amazing in bed.. i mean seriously its a shame that we didnt have sex more ofter before trying to creat a human.

So i have 3 months, 90 days to give the metformin a chance. I mean the best thing in the world would to get pregnant this cycle.. the next best thing would to be to O.. and thrid best thing is for aunt flow to arrive in a timpley manner..and then to do it again the next cycle. thats what doc is hoping met does.. i'm hoping that too.. but i am alo hoping to get pregnant.

ohh well its 10pm time for bed! i got lil kiddos that need my perfect in the morning!