Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our most recent photo shoot

Its hard to believe that this coming saturday I will be 24 weeks pregnant.  When I first found out I would look at other women who were this far along and just pray deep in my soul that I would make it to this point.  Actully I was praying everyday to make it through the first trimester and now here we are only about 3-4 weeks (depending on who you ask) away from the third trimester.  Its just so crazy and I know its going to fly by because summer ALWAYS goes fast.

In baby news we had a check up and ultrasound on the 11th.  The Doctor had an emergency C-section and thus couldnt be there for our appointment to do the "official" anatomy scan but his PA did a fabulous job and we'll catch the doctor at our next appointment June 6th.  The PA did look at little boy's brain and Heart and said everything was perfect.  We also got an awesome picture or our little one

after this appointment I just kept looking at this picture is disbelief that hubby and I are finally getting our miracle. 

That same night was my graduation dinner.  It was lots of fun and great to spend time with family.  I made sure to take a picture!

23 weeks

Well thats all for now.  16 weeks to go!