Friday, April 13, 2012

Almost half way

We hit 19 weeks tomorrow which is only 1 week away from the half way point and thats if he goes until 40 weeks.

I look more and more pregnant everyday and this morning the husband said you can deff tell now. Thanks babe! I think because I was fluffy pre pregnancy its hard to tell and I can tell people are thinking, "Is she pregnant or fat??" well trust me people I am still 40lbs lighter than what I was in feb 2011 when I was at my heaviest. This belly is baby.

The weight gain is something I am struggling with. I know I have put too much back on. Its hard though. With my PCOS to lose and maintain I have to be following a very strict low carb diet. Well I have no desire to eat like that pregnant. I do avoid all surgary drinks and I am really trying to avoid the sweets but carbs in general are my downfall. I just keep telling myself I will deff get back on track after he comes. I am planning on seeing a nutritionsit while still pregnant to talk about after. I want to make sure I eat healthy enough for breatfeeding but I also need to eat healthy for me too. So we shall see!

We had an appointment a few days ago at 18weeks 3 days. he was measuring closer to 19 weeks, which is fine by me! both my m0m and I have a gut feeling that he will be a big baby..oh lord!

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