Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby talk

two words: Infertility sucks.

Yes Today I admit that I am suffering through infertility. two years of trying and no baby? yeah thats me. HOWEVER I am not going into this world of infertility quietly, oh no.. I will go in KICKING AND SCREAMING! I've lost 60lbs, i'm having ovarian drilling on monday and hubs and I picked out our baby names.. so yes I HAVE HOPE! take that infertility monster!

so yes I have having surgery on monday. should be painful but the doctor said he sees 90% of his patients get preggo after this surgery. God I would love that.

Like I said we came up with some baby names. It helps me cope to think about the future. Its amazing but we are 100% sure on our boy name now and ever since me made that decision I have so much hope. Its probably that combined with the hope from the surgery but man i just feel like its going to happen soon..

okay okay so you probably want to know the name huh? Well since no one i know in real life reads this blog then i guess I can share.

our for sure boy name is....

Blake Gilpin Ring

Yeah Gilpin may seem a little different but it is my gpas middle name. Trust me this is not the name i thought i would ever love but for some reason when my husband said it, I fell in love with it.

well thats my post for today. send baby dust my way.

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