Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This year for Christmas I decided to do handmade gifts. I got my frames from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I had Free gift cards from my employee award program and I went on Black Friday when everything was 20% off. I probably spent a total of 70 dollars for all 5 frames, paper, etc. Pretty good for 5 gifts this christmas. I used an array of cricut cartridges. I used Sans Serrif and Plantin School book for the fonts. I will list the other cartridges under each frame.

For Jayden's frame I used Sans seriff and New arrival for the butterflies. The paper is textured cardstock and the decorative paper is from hobby Lobby.

This was for my grandpartns. The deer came from animal Kingdom and the trees I found on my community. the font is plantin school book. I used the shadow option to make the brown outline for the letters.

This was for my uncles family. Again I used plantin School book for the letters with the shadow option. The trees again are from my community and the deer heads are from animal kingdom, which has the option of cutting the head only.

This was for my aunts family. I used sans seriff for the lettering and the bodies are a mix from everyday paper dolls and paper doll dress-up. I believe the dogs were also from everyday paper dolls.

This was for my family. This was tricky because there are eight kids in my family plus mom and dad. It still looks a little crowded to me, but my mom loved it:) The cheerleader and the football player not being the same height still kinda bugs me. Anyway the cheerleader I mad is NOT the one from everyday paper dolls. The cheerleader I made, I have made before the everyday paper dolls came out. You can find instructions for it Here: http://somebodyscrapme.blogspot.com/2009/02/cricut-cheerleader.html
I like it better then the one on every day paper dolls. The football player and the faces can be found on that cartridge.

This was for my in-laws. I again used the shadow feature on plantin school book to give the letter the yellow outline. The paper is paper studio paper i found at hobby lobby. I used home accents to create the swirl design on the corners. I used the shadow option for the first cut of yellow and then took fo shadow and used blackout for the cut in white.
I was really proud how these turned out. I am already looking for ideas for next years gifts. This was the first year I went completly homemade. Not only did I feel like my gifts were meaningful, I saved a lot of money. For next year I am thinking of stickign with the last name theme, but maybe some work with vinyl and glass. Was even thinking of candles with each small candle being a letter of their name? who knows!

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