Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A change in me.

I am changing this blog a bit. My husband and I are no longer trying to convieve. Not for forever, just not right now. I student teach this fall and the timing just would not be good. However, we are not using Birth Control. Latley I have felt God really speaking to my heart. He has been really speaking to me about letting go of control and handing it over to him. I decided this meant that as far and TCCing, I would put him in control and when he told me the time was right to persure treatment again, I would. For now we will just wait and see. God has told me that I will be a mother, when he decides it.

So much other stuff is going on in my life that it is hard to focus on just one thing. Currently I am recovering from surgery. I had my gall bladder take out yesterday. My mom was there for me every step of the way. I wish I could say the same thing about my husband. I know he works hard and works nights and he is tired, but i need him right now. This is a subject I am still personaly trying to deal with and I am not sure I am ready to blog about it all yet. Just know that my husband spent 14 months in Iraq and the man I married is not the same man who came back. I love him, but it is a rough road we travel to find peace again. I can only hope we can find the help and support we need to be "Us" again.

I also want this blog to be a place I can start sharing my crafts and scrapbooking ideas and such. I would love to find some other scrapbook and craft blogs out there. I want more ideas! I have my cricut and have really enjoyed making things for family and such. I would love to learn more.

I think to wrap up this post I will introduce to you the 3 people in my life that no matter what love me and would do anything to be by my side
In order from back to front: Rusty, Rascal, and Bowser.

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