Monday, January 9, 2012

6 more days!

Our first appointment is less than a week away! I am so excited/nervous/scared. I just want everything to be fine and healthly. Hubs is coming with and possibly my mother too. I *think* i'll be around six weeks by then, but i'm not sure.

So far my boobs just hurt and I'm wearing a sports bra pretty much all the time. I'm hungry all the time too, which scares me because after losing 75bs i really dont want to gain it all back. However, i lost everything i ate today so who knows. yeah my first bout of the sickies hit today. I guess lil' brussel sprout hates the smell of trukey burgers being cooked.

I started my grad class today. I am sure the preggo hormones are raging because honestly compared to most of my undergrad this class will be a cake walk... but i got a little overwhelmed. It might have just been the act of being in class..AGAIN. I was enjoying the break from school.

well that is all!

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